070 How to Make Yourself Measurably Smarter & Why You Don’t Always Need a Pill When You Get Sick

Are your legs crossed right now? You’ve probably heard that crossing your legs can lead to varicose veins, high blood pressure and other health problems. Are these concerns real or are they myths? Find out as we begin this episode of the podcast.

Also, can you make yourself smarter or is your intelligence level set? Well, in recent years it has become clear that there are things you can do – simple things really – that can seriously improve your intelligence in a dramatic and measurable way. Dan Hurley (more…)

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069 Interesting Quirks of the Human Brain & How Your 5 Senses Affect Your Behavior

Everyone feels safer when a lifeguard is on duty. But you may be relying more on the lifeguard than you should, especially if you have kids. In this episode we start by discussing what you may not know about swimming safety – with or without a lifeguard. And this information could save your life one day.

Then the weird paradox of the human brain (more…)

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067 Do You Know Who You REALLY Are and How Others See You? & How Most People Get Rich (and How You Can Too)

New clothes are not necessarily CLEAN clothes. In fact, there is a good chance other people have worn your new clothes before you. We start this episode discussing why and how to wash new clothes before you wear them.

Also, how self-aware are you? Do you really understand who you really are and do you understand how other people really see you? Surprisingly, (more…)

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066 How to Daydream, Distract and Doodle Your Way to Success & A World of Video Games You Never Knew

People who overeat tend to do so at the same time on the same days. You’ll discover when those times are so you can defend yourself against temptation.

Plus, solving problems and developing new ideas doesn’t come from focus and concentration as much as it does from “unfocusing” and letting your mind wander. Psychiatrist Dr. Srini Pollay (more…)

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