088 What’s Wrong with Boys? & How Smart Companies Treat Their Workers

You’ve probably wondered whether it is more efficient to turn off a light or your computer when you are not using it – or just leave it on. Well, I will have the “electrical efficiency answer” for that question in this episode.

Then, as a father of boys, I am concerned about how views have changed when it comes to boys. Today much of what has always been standard boy behavior is now viewed as defective. That what we really need is for boys to be more like girls. (more…)

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087 How to Tell the Truth From a Lie & How to Bounce Back From the Toughest Times in Life

Commercials will often tell you, for example, that a shampoo will make your hair 5 times “silkier.” Okay let’s think about that. How in the world do you measure how “silky” your hair is – let alone how it is now 5 times silkier than it was before? Yet it is amazing how people fall for it.

Also, how good are you at separating the truth from fiction?  Former CIA officer Michael Floyd, (more…)

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086 How to Make Your Mind Sharp & How to Prevent a Machine From Taking Your Job

Are you more likely to rate a meal better if it has a mediocre appetizer, a decent main course and a spectacular dessert or the opposite – a meal that has a spectacular appetizer, decent main course and mediocre dessert? I’ll tell you the answer and why it is important.

Then, are you doing everything you can to take care of your brain? You’ve probably heard that crossword puzzles (more…)

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085 Amazing Things Happen When You Go Outdoors & What to Say in an Argument (So You Don’t Regret It Later)

People in western countries smile a lot. For example, we smile at people on the street for no real reason. In many other countries, all this smiling could get you in trouble. I’ll explain.

Then, we explore the benefits of just being out in nature. Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods  and Vitamin N, reveals the incredible (more…)

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084 The Hidden Realities of the Universe & Dealing With the Workplace Bully

When you have a big decision to make, all kinds of things can influence that decision. But one thing I bet you never thought of was the lighting in the room. Yet, it turns out that lighting can have a significant impact on a decision you make. I’ll explain how and what is optimal “decision making lighting.”

Then, my discussion with theoretical physicist, string theorist (and occasional guest star on “The Big Bang Theory”) (more…)

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