096 Where Your Core Beliefs Come From & The Bright Side of Failure

People generally believe attractive people are smarter than unattractive people. Why? Good question. We’ll explore that and other things that influence how you think.

Then, why is a conservative – conservative and a liberal – a liberal? Where do our core beliefs come from? And can people change our minds about them? Can we change theirs? Dr. Michael Shermer, (more…)

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095 Fixing the Flaws in Your Thinking & How History Has Shaped Our Lives

Many grocery stores now boast that they sell “locally grown” produce. Perhaps you’ve wondered just how local is it – where does that locally grown produce come from? We begin this episode with an explanation of just how far away produce can originate and still be called – locally grown.

Then, let’s take a look at how you think. In particular, a look at the flaws in how you think. Matthew May (more…)

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094 The Fascinating Math of Everyday Life & Why Diets Fail (and What Works Better)

Everyone knows that coffee can help you think and focus and can even improve your mood – especially that first cup in the morning. Years ago, coffee advertising contained the tagline… “Coffee, the THINK drink.”   But it just may be that all the research showing how good coffee and caffeine are for mental function is flawed. If you are a coffee drinker, you are going to want to hear this.

Then, we look at all the math you use in everyday life. (more…)

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093 Why You Need At Least One Friend Right Now & Finding Success Without the Struggle

When you get pulled over by the police, it can be very hard to talk your way out of getting a ticket – but not impossible. This episode begins with some suggestions by a police officer of what NOT to say to a cop who pulls you over and you’ll learn why less is more when it comes to talking your way out of that ticket.

Plus, the importance of friendship.  My guest, psychologist Michael Thompson, (more…)

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