077 How to Be More Popular & What’s Wrong with The Science of Finding New Cures

Do people have to take off their shoes before coming into your house? In Asian cultures this is a pretty common custom – and I’ll explore all the reasons why this is a really good idea for everyone, everywhere else too.

Then we’ll look at pros and cons of popularity. In high school, being popular is great – but it turns out that there are 2 types of popularity (more…)

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076 How Technology Affects You in Ways You Don’t Know & Medical Myths You Probably Still Believe

The number of parents of who spank their kids as a means of discipline has dropped significantly over the past several decades – but some parents still do it. And in other countries, spanking is much more commonplace. But for those parents who still spank, there is a new reason to stop – and it has nothing to do with the kid – and all to do with the parent’s wellbeing.

Also in this episode, just how does modern technology affect you? (more…)

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074 How to Heal Emotional Injury & How Trust Works

If you use a wire brush to clean your outdoor grill – you should stop because someone could get hurt. I’ll start this episode by explaining why.

Also, we don’t hesitate to treat physical wounds – but emotional wounds are things we tend to shrug off and assume time will heal – except sometimes it doesn’t. Psychologist Guy Winch author of the book Emotional First-Aid explores (more…)

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073 How to Fix the “Dumbing Down of America” & Good News from the War on Cancer

One of the joys of summer is being able to go barefoot – as long as you are careful. But of course many business establishments won’t allow you inside because, they say, it is against the law or it violates health regulations if they let you in without shoes. . And that is completely false. Going barefoot is illegal NOWHERE in the U.S.

Also, we hear a lot about the “dumbing down” of society. Are people today more interested in the Kardashians (more…)

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