063 How to Handle Criticism & How to Make Your Relationship Happier – Right Now

Want to keep your fresh cut flowers, fresher? My grandmother always said put aspirin in the water and I’ve also heard you should put a penny in the water or some sugar. Well someone actually tested all these things out – and you’ll hear the results and discover what works best, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Also, you constantly receive criticism and feedback from people – some of it is welcome some not. (more…)

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062 How to Cook the Perfect Burger & Learn How You Learn – to Learn Better

Just like food, medications have expiration dates. But just how accurate are they? Is it better to take an expired medication or no medication at all? We’ll explore that in this episode of the podcast.

Then, when you cook on the grill, there are a lot of theories on how you should do it. But a lot of those theories are wrong. To help you understand how to best use the outdoor grill to create the best flavor and cook food correctly is Chef Todd Mohr. (more…)

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