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What happens when you die – or almost die? We’d all love to know the answer to that question. While skeptics say there is no life after death – many of us believe in an afterlife. And those beliefs (on either side) are pretty ingrained and are likely hard to change.

However, regardless of what you believe, it is worth listening to what Dr. Jeffrey Long has to say about this. He is a radiation oncologist and has been studying near death experiences and the afterlife for a long time. His latest book, God and the Afterlife offers a fascinating look into his research as well as stories of people that are hard to refute.

Listen as he discusses how people who have been blind since birth and have no concept of vision describe very visual near death experiences. Or the phenomenon of “shared” near death experiences where two people go through it at the same time and have the same experience even when they are not geographically close by. It makes you wonder. And it’s worth listening to a doctor’s take on all this.

Also, there is an amazingly easy way to cut down on the calories you eat – it is so easy it is hard to believe but according to researchers at Cornell University, it is proven to work. Listen to how you do it in this episode.

Finally, we know how women change when they go through pregnancy and childbirth but it turns out men change too. The changes are not so obvious but they are fascinating. And we will discuss that as well in this episode of the podcast.


00:33  Podcast preview

03:43 Simple way to stop overeating

04:57 Interview Jeffrey Long, M.D. author of “God & the Afterlife”

05:05 How Dr. Long became interested in the topic

08:08 “Shared” near death experiences

09:04 Why near death experiences have nothing to do with the conscious brain

11:10 How do blind people have visual near death experiences?

12:30 How many people have near death experiences

13:05 Description of what happens during near death

15:08 People who recall previous lives

18:58 Why doesn’t everyone have near death experiences

20:10 How near death experiences affect belief in God

24:04 Research and science

25:27 What skeptics say

30:03 How having children changes men


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