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“Maybe you should sleep on it before you decide.” That’s pretty common advice – but is it good advice? We’ll explore the science of sleeping on a decision before you make it.

Also, brand loyalty isn’t what it used to be. In the past, brand loyalty meant a lot because there wasn’t much other information to go on in order to make a good buying decision. But the Internet has changed all of that. Now we have so much information we can make our own independent choices of what to buy regardless of brands. Of course that has a lot of brand name companies a little upset. Imatar Simonson, professor of marketing at Stanford and author of the book Absolute Value explores this shift in how we buy products and services in this episode of the podcast.

Plus, the odds of things happening to you are really interesting. We tend to fear things that are likely never going to happen – like get bitten by a snake. But we don’t fear things we probably should. Amram Shapiro, author of The Book of Odds explains some fascinating possibilities – for example your chances of going to the hospital from an injury from duct tape are probably a lot higher than you ever imagined. But how do you get injured from duct tape? You’ll enjoy what he has to say.

Finally on today’s episode – be careful how you clean your home electronics. Phone and tablet screens as well as TVs and keyboards have to be cleaned the right way to prevent damage. You’ll hear some expert advice on how to do it.

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