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You are wasting too much time on email. It’s estimated that you waste 30 seconds each time you stop and check it. So how can you cut down on the amount of time you waste? In this episode, you’ll discover some great techniques that can cut your time in half.

Also, if you are concerned about aging and you want to age well, there is some great news. Washington Post reporter Margaret Pressler, author of the book Cheat the Clock did an amazing amount of research – looking at all we know about the aging process. What she found is that staying young is a lot easier than you ever imagined. Listen and hear her explanation.

And leadership skills – they aren’t just for CEO’s, corporate big shots or managers. We all need to lead others at times – and developing leadership skills is important for everyone. Courtney Lynch, co-author of the bestselling book Spark: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success is here to tell her story and offer some excellent leadership advice you probably haven’t heard before.

Finally, why you should salt your cookies, cook your eggs slow and cook bacon in the oven… those are just some of the expert tips you’ll discover that will transform your cooking, whether you are a gourmet chef or can barely boil water.

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