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Do you act trustworthy because people perceive you that way – or do people perceive as trustworthy because you act that way? Confusing, huh? But it’s also fascinating how people judge us based on how we look – and we in turn behave how people expect. We’ll explore this so it all makes sense.

Also, you can actually train yourself to think smarter. That is according to Art Markman, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin and author of the book, Smart Thinking. When you think smarter and better, people see you as smarter and you are able to solve problems in new and better ways. Professor Markman will teach you how in this episode.

Did you know that “dumpster diving” or simply looking through your trash is still one of the primary ways identity thieves steal your information?  I know I never put my trash out the night before just for that reason. People can come along and legally go through your trash when it is sitting out on the curb and take anything they want.

What is interesting is that a lot of documents you would never think of shredding – you really should. I’ll explain exactly which documents you need to shred BEFORE you toss them in the trash.

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Markman, Art 2011
Professor Arthur Markman, PhD
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