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Did you know emergency room doctors hate Ramen Noodle Soup? It’s one of several things many ER doctors say they never have in their home. I’ll tell you what those things are and why they are dangerous.

Also, someone somewhere came up the contemporary rules for sleep – that kids sleep in their room, mom and dad sleep together in another room etc. The problem is these rules don’t always work for everyone yet no one ever questions them. Until now. Benjamin Reiss, professor of English at Emory University and author of the new book, Wild Nights  explores why we sleep the way we do and why sometimes these rules need to be challenged.

Plus, pediatrician Dr. Meg Meeker, author of Strong Mothers, Strong Sons offers some fascinating insight into the mother/son relationship. She reveals how boys predictably pull away from their moms at a certain time in their life and she has advice for moms on how to navigate this sometimes complicated relationship.

Finally, do you suffer from ringxiety? It is that weird feeling you get when you think your cellphone is ringing or vibrating when it is not. Some people get it more than others. I’ll tell you who and why.

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Benjamin Reiss
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050 Challenging the Rules of Sleep & Surprising Into Inside the Mother/Son Relationship
Meg Meeker, MD
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