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Next time you do something really embarrassing in front of other people – you will remember what I am going to tell you in this episode – and it will make you feel a lot better about whatever embarrassing thing you did.

Then, we are going to look at the problems created by parents today who give too much and do too much for their kids. Richard Watts, author of Entitlemania: How Not to Spoil Your Kids & What to Do If You Have reveals the consequences of parents over indulging their kids in the name of love.

Also, everyone knows that you should stretch before you exercise to become flexible and prevent injury. Yet, according to science it is actually a bad idea. It’s one of the many exercise myths I explore with New York Times writer Gretchen Reynolds, author of The First 20 Minutes . You’ll hear the science that explains how many things people believe about exercise, health and weight loss are just plain wrong.

Finally, there is this thing called the paradox of choice. It basically means that the more choices you give someone the more likely they are to pick none. It’s important to understand and I’ll explain why.

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