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New clothes are not necessarily CLEAN clothes. In fact, there is a good chance other people have worn your new clothes before you. We start this episode discussing why and how to wash new clothes before you wear them.

Also, how self-aware are you? Do you really understand who you really are and do you understand how other people really see you? Surprisingly, few of us know – even though we like to think we do. Organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich author of the book Insight: Why We’re Not as Self-Aware as We Think  explains how to become more self-aware and why it is important to your success at work and in life.

Plus, if you want to be wealthy, it is important to understand the difference between rich people and those who do not have money. Tom Corley has been studying this for years and he is author of the book, Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals explains some of these fundamental differences and how anyone can adopt rich habits – and become wealthy.

In his discussion Tom offers some free downloads on his website which is Click on “Resources” at the top of the site.

Finally, we tackle the earth shattering problem of slurping! In many cultures it is fine if you slurp your food when you eat. But, here we find it terribly annoying. So why do people slurp? Well, it turns out to be have a real benefit – and I’ll explain what it is.

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