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What’s the best way to NOT get a ticket from the cops? In this episode, we start off with some advice from actual police officers that will help you walk away with maybe just a warning.

Also, how much clutter is in your life? Is it a problem for you? Professional organizer Dorothy Breininger from the A&E TV show “Hoarders” and author of the book, Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff  offers some practical advice to help get control of your stuff and the fascinating connection between clutter and body weight.

You’ve heard that, “What you give, you get back.” But what is the truth about the benefits and rewards of giving? Stephen Post author of the book, Why Good Things Happen to Good People  has study the science of giving and what he has found is amazing. When you help someone else, the benefits to the giver are rather amazing – and science proves it.

Plus, if you sell items on eBay, the descriptions you write are critical. Using the right or wrong words can have a huge impact on the final price you get.

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