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When you have a big decision to make, all kinds of things can influence that decision. But one thing I bet you never thought of was the lighting in the room. Yet, it turns out that lighting can have a significant impact on a decision you make. I’ll explain how and what is optimal “decision making lighting.”

Then, my discussion with theoretical physicist, string theorist (and occasional guest star on “The Big Bang Theory”) Brian Greene, author of several books including, The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos will really get you thinking about reality and the universe we live in. In fact, as Brian explains, there may be several parallel universes and alternate realities. I know, it sounds space-y but Brian explains it so well, I think you’ll be fascinated.

Also, why do people blush? Ever since grammar school, I’ve been a blusher when I have been embarrassed or made a mistake. But what does science say about WHY people blush? What good does it do?

And what is the difference between a tough boss and a bully? Workplace bullying is a real problem and it usually (but not always) comes from the boss. Tracey Jones, author of, A Message to Millennials  reveals the seriousness of the problem and what individuals can and must do to stop the bullying.

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