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Are you more likely to rate a meal better if it has a mediocre appetizer, a decent main course and a spectacular dessert or the opposite – a meal that has a spectacular appetizer, decent main course and mediocre dessert? I’ll tell you the answer and why it is important.

Then, are you doing everything you can to take care of your brain? You’ve probably heard that crossword puzzles or brain teasers are supposed to keep you sharp. But does that work? Does something else work better? Michael Gelb , author of the book Brain Power  has gone through the research and I think you’ll be fascinated by what he has to say.

Plus, you may want to steer clear of cars with bumper stickers and decals. Why? People with bumper stickers tend to have some interesting behaviors in common.

And as machines get smarter, the more people worry that their jobs will be taken over by those smart machines? What can you do to protect yourself? Tom Davenport, Professor at Babson college and author of the book Only Humans Need Apply  assesses how big a threat machines are – and how to protect yourself from losing your job to automation or a robot.

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