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Commercials will often tell you, for example, that a shampoo will make your hair 5 times “silkier.” Okay let’s think about that. How in the world do you measure how “silky” your hair is – let alone how it is now 5 times silkier than it was before? Yet it is amazing how people fall for it.

Also, how good are you at separating the truth from fiction?  Former CIA officer Michael Floyd, author of the book, Spy the Lie explains how the experts do it – and why it isn’t always about what the other person says – but what YOU say to THEM that will reveal the truth.

Plus, you know the green wasabi that comes with your sushi? There is a good chance it isn’t real wasabi at all. I’ll explain the wasabi story and why a lot of it is phony.

Resilience. Some people have it and some don’t. It is the ability to handle and bounce back from adversity. Psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Southwick author of the book, Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges offers up some great ways to handle those tough times and become stronger and better as a result.

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Source for story about making your “silkier”: Charles Seife author of “Proofiness

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Amazon link for Dr. Stephen Southwick’s book, Resilience:

Source for story about wasabi:

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