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When you get pulled over by the police, it can be very hard to talk your way out of getting a ticket – but not impossible. This episode begins with some suggestions by a police officer of what NOT to say to a cop who pulls you over and you’ll learn why less is more when it comes to talking your way out of that ticket.

Plus, the importance of friendship.  My guest, psychologist Michael Thompson, author of the book Best Friends, Worst Enemies  ( has spent decades studying friendship in children and adults. I remember him saying years ago that “Friendship is the glue of childhood.”   It may also be the glue of adulthood. Michael believes friendship is vital – but it is not so much how many friends you have but the quality of the friendships you have that really matters.

Also, have you ever eaten dried apples? They are pretty tasty but more importantly the health benefits seem to be substantial. Listen and discover what eating dried apples can do.

Then, get a better understanding of how success works from Jonathan Fields, author of the book and host of the podcast called, The Good Life Project ( ). Jonathan explains why some people struggle and never achieve their dreams while others reach their goals without the struggle. If you want to be successful in whatever you do, you should listen to what Jonathan has to say.

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Source for story about getting pulled over by the cops: Steve Pomper, author of Is There a Problem, Officer?

Amazon link for Michael Thompson’s book, Best Friends, Worst Enemies:

Michael Thompson’s website:

Amazon link for Jonathan Fields’ book, How to Live a Good Life:

Jonathan Fields’ website and podcast, The good Life Project:

Source for story about dried apples:

Michael Thompson, PhD
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093 Why You Need At Least One Friend Right Now & Finding Success Without the Struggle
Jonathan Fields
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