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Why are there no male waiters at Hooters? Why are there no male Rockettes? Isn’t that discrimination? Actually, the law allows it and I’ll explain how and why.

Then, if you don’t want to do stupid things you need to hear what Adam Robinson has to say. Adam is one of the co-founders of the Princeton Review and is now a top financial adviser. I watched a Power Point presentation he created about, “How Not to be Stupid” so I asked him to explain it to you. In essence, we do stupid things when one or more of seven factors are present. Listen to hear what they are and you’ll do far fewer stupid things in the future – maybe never again! BTW, you can find Adam on Twitter – @IAmAdamRobinson.

Also, it turns out that sarcasm is good for your brain. Whether you deliver it or hear it from someone else, it makes your brain work differently. It’s really interesting.

Then, what about all those personal care products you use every day? Is constant exposure to moisturizers, deodorant, lipstick and other cosmetics safe? After all, the FDA monitors these things. But Alexandra Spunt, author of No More Dirty Looks: The Truth about Your Beauty Products  says there is real concern about the ingredients in some of these products. For example, there is lead is many lipsticks. How can that be? Listen to hear just what the concerns are and how you can protect yourself.

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Adam Robins (l) w/ Warren Buffett
Alexandra Spunt
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