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What makes a man attractive to a woman? Obviously it depends on the people and a lot of other individual factors. However, evolution plays a role in this and I’ll explain why the color red and the size of one of a man’s fingers can actually make him more appealing to women.

Then, we explore the problem many of us have – performing under pressure. Why do some people crumble while others excel when the stakes are high? To offer some insight into that is Paul Sullivan. Paul writes the “Wealth Matters” column for the New York Times and he’s author of the book, Clutch: Why Some People Excel Under Pressure and Others Don’t. If you would like to know how improve your performance in the clutch, you will want to hear what Paul has to say.

Then, with cold and flu season coming, we all need to protect ourselves against germs. And no one knows more about how to do that than Allison Janse. She and Dr. Charles Gerba (aka “Dr Germ”) are authors of The Germ Freaks Guide to Colds and Flu. Allison joins me to explain where germs are lurking, how to protect yourself and how not to get too freaked out by it all.

And the next time you get stressed out, grab some chewing gum. How can it help de-stress you? I’ll explain in this episode.

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