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You are as healthy as you think you are. This episode starts with a look at some fascinating research that says you are about as healthy as you believe. So can you think your way to good health? Let’s find out.

Then, I explore the amazing power of appreciation with Noelle Nelson, psychologist and author of several books on the subject including, The Power of Appreciation. It turns out that when you are more appreciative, good things happen to you both mentally and physically. You’ll appreciate hearing what she has to say so that you can start appreciating more!

Also, would you know it if a pickpocket tried to lift your wallet out of your pocket? You’d like to think you’d feel but you probably wouldn’t. So discover how to protect yourself from a pickpocket because there are a lot of them out there looking for people who don’t know how they operate. And what are the traits of a successful entrepreneur?

Michael Sonnenfeldt knows. Michael is a serial entrepreneur who founded Tiger 21, a networking group of “high net worth” entrepreneurs and he is author of the book, Think Bigger (and 39 other winning strategies from successful entrepreneurs) Michael discusses what separates great entrepreneurs from the not-so-great ones and offers some easy to follow advice for anyone who wants to up their entrepreneurial game.

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Michael Sonnenfeldt’s book Think Bigger (and 39 other winning strategies from successful entrepreneurs):

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