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Every parent wants to have a positive influence on their child. But what are the experiences and messages kids take away with them when they finally leave the nest? How have mom and dad left their mark? This episodes starts by answering those questions – and you may be surprised.

Then, you are really going to enjoy my discussion with Dan Heath about what makes those special, memorable moments in your life so special.

Dan and his brother Chip are authors of the book, The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact ,Dan shares his explanation of why some moments are so important and reveals how to construct more of them in your life and the many benefits of doing so.

Also, most managers have at least some understanding of how important it is to praise their employees for a job well done. But just how important is it really? If you are a manager you should hear this and if you work for a manager, you should play this episode for him or her.

And we simply must do something about heart disease. It is the #1 killer and yet it is virtually all preventable. Cardiologist Dr. John Kennedy, author of The Heart Health Bible  explains what it means to have heart disease (it is more than just having a heart attack) and reveals the five numbers you – and everyone else – need to know that will help make you bullet proof to the devastating effects of heart disease.

And you’ll hear me talk about the wonderful work of Barbara & Joe Saltzman of the Jester & Pharley Phund. The website is

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