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I am sure you have had to perform under pressure. And so you know that it is difficult to do and often your performance suffers. But why? Well a couple of interesting things happen in that situation and when you understand them you can make the experience of performing under pressure a lot easier. Listen as I begin this episode with this fascinating intel.

Then, we are going to explore the process of making choices. Today, we have so many choices for everything – breakfast cereal, cars, food, careers – everywhere choices abound! And that can be great except that too many choices can actually be paralyzing. Anyone who has spent more time choosing what show to watch on Netflix than actually watching a show knows what I mean. Barry Schwartz, author of the book, The Paradox of Choice joins me to explain why trying to make the “best” choice may be a waste of time and he offers a better way to make choices that will leave you more satisfied.

Have you heard that we only use about 10% of our brain? Well, that turns out to be nonsense and it is just one of several myths about the brain we will clear up in this episode.

What attracts men to women and women to men? Allan Pease has some very interesting answers. Allan has been studying how people communicate and he is author of the book, Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love . Listen as he explains how to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex based on evolutionary drives and urges that still rule our feelings and actions.

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