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Has anyone ever told you that you couldn’t sing or carry a tune? Kids are often told that and it can really embarrass them and leave a lasting impression. The truth is just about anyone can sing and sing well. So forget what you were told and listen to my explanation.

The ability to forgive is wonderful. But while people can forgive we also have the ability (and often the desire) to seek revenge when someone has harmed us. Psychologist Michael McCullough author of the book, Beyond Revenge  talks with me about how to best deal with someone who has hurt you and he explores whether or not you can make a case for revenge in some circumstances.

There is a good chance you have a favorite coffee mug. Lots of people do. And I think you will find it either odd or comforting just how attached people get to their coffee mug and what they feel if someone else uses it or – God forbid – it breaks!

All your life you deal with money. And how well you deal with it and understand it will have a huge impact on you. Jeff Kreisler author of the book, Dollars and Sense: How We Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter uncovers some of the mysteries of money like why you enjoy spending money on some things but hate spending money on others; how you decide what the value of things are; why you will spend more on vacation than you will at home for the very same things and more.

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