Meet Mike Carruthers


Over 20 years ago, Mike Carruthers created “Something You Should Know” as a short-form radio feature, syndicated to hundreds of radio stations around the U.S and Canada.

The program is still going strong on the radio today. After over 8,000 episodes of the feature, Mike created the long-form podcast version of “Something You Should Know.”

“While I love doing the short feature on the radio,” says Mike, “the podcast offers me the opportunity to dive deeper into some fascinating topics. I really enjoy being able to pass along fascinating and useful intel to listeners that they can actually put to use in their lives.”

In addition to being a podcaster, Mike also has a comprehensive podcast training program called Perfect Your Podcast dedicated to helping people start, grow and monetize their podcast. He is also the author of the best-selling Amazon eBook “How to Launch a Perfect Podcast.”

Mike recently became a managing partner in OmniCast Media, LLC. Working with other top media professionals, OmniCast Media is dedicated to helping podcasters with a variety of services including program and talent development, audience growth and ad sales representation.

As a career podcaster and broadcaster, Mike has been a radio DJ, talk show host, producer, writer and talent director. Over the years, he has hosted and/or produced national radio programs for all of the major radio networks and a popular voice over talent for television, radio and corporate videos.

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