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About Strand...

Strand Media Group, LLC began producing Something You Should Know over 30 years ago. In addition to Something You Should Know, Strand has produced several other national radio programs over the years. We currently offer:

Relevant Prep. - A daily prep service that provides radio station personalities with interesting, rlelevant content to share with their listeners.

About Mike Carruthers...

Mike Carruthers is the creator and host of Something You Should Know. Mike began his radio career over 25 years ago and has worked on the air at KBIG, KIQQ, & KLSX in Los Angeles as well as several other stations in the US.  Mike has also hosted radio specials for Westwood One and ABC Radio and has voiced television projects for 20th Century-Fox, Superstation WTBS and Baywatch. 

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We will not knowingly disclose information that you may give us to any outside parties, unless required by law.

You may opt-out of receiving the Insider Update anytime by sending a message from the subscribed e-mail account to the unsubscribe address at the bottom of every Update or by sending a letter to Strand Media Group, LLC at the address below.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the practices of this site, please contact us at Privacy@SomethingYouShouldKnow.net 

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