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Personal Motivation

October 6, 2014


Interview with Susan Fowler, author of the book Why Motivating People Doesn't Work . . . and What Does: The New Science of Leading, Energizing, and Engaging




Mike Carruthers:
Promising a reward is a common way to get someone or ourselves to do something. But there’s a problem with that.


Susan Fowler:
There’s the undermining effect that says whenever we reward people for something they would have loved doing in the first place they lose the love of doing it.


Susan Fowler

Conquering The Fear Of Public Speaking

September 30, 2014


Interview with Rosalyn Kahn, author of the book Random Acts of Kindness are Changing the World




Mike Carruthers:
Why is it that public speaking terrifies so many of us?


Rosalyn Kahn:
People don’t like being judged we always fear the worst and there’s a lot of research that’s gone ahead and said the fear is completely irrational.

Rosalyn Kahn

The Power Of Analogies

September 29, 2014


Interview with John Pollack, author of the book Shortcut: How Analogies Reveal Connections, Spark Innovation, and Sell Our Greatest Ideas




Mike Carruthers:
We all use analogies to explain things because well they work.


John Polllack:
Analogies work because they explain something complex very simply and also appeal to our emotions.


John Pollack

A More Productive Day

September 22, 2014


Interview with Mitzi Weinman, author of the book It's About Time! Transforming Chaos into Calm, A to Z




Mike Carruthers:
Having a productive day really starts with planning it the night before.


Mitzi Weinman:
And then when you come in the next day you’re ready to go. And starting your day off with the highest priority or the thing you dread is really the way to go.

Mitzi Weinman

Being More Efficient On The Job - Part 2

September 19, 2014


Interview with Julie Morgenstern, author of the book Making Work Work: New Strategies for Surviving and Thriving at the Office




Mike Carruthers:
Here's a great way to be more productive at work.


Julie Morgenstern:
Stop checking email for the first hour of the day just completely avoid email.

Julie Morgenstern

Being More Efficient On The Job

September 18, 2014


Interview with Julie Morgenstern, author of the book Making Work Work: New Strategies for Surviving and Thriving at the Office




Mike Carruthers:
Want to be that indispensable employee? Well here are some great ideas.


Julie Morgenstern:
The people who are the most valued are the ones who work closest to the revenue line. 

Julie Morgenstern

The Power Of Social Media In Business

September 17, 2014


Interview with Mark Babbitt, co-author of the book A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive




Mike Carruthers:
Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have been dismissed by many business leaders as being a fad but more and more it seems that…


Mark Babbitt:
Socials not a fad it’s not going away this is the way that business is done. The Industrial age is dead, the social age is upon us and we need to embrace that.

Mark Babbitt

A Better & Faster Path To Success

September 16, 2014


Interview with Shane Snow, author of the book Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success




Mike Carruthers:
It’s a pretty common belief that in order to get ahead and be successful you have to pay your dues.


Shane Snow:
You need to start somewhere and work the hard hours and make sure that they see you and then wait for a spot to open up on the ladder above you. And what you see is that these innovative people throughout history completely ignore that advice.


Shane Snow

Your Creativity

September 12, 2014


Interview with Michael Michalko, author of the book Cracking Creativity: The Secrets of Creative Genius




Mike Carruthers: 
How creative a person are you?


Michael Michalko:
Creativity is the ability to look at the same information as everyone else and see something different.

Michael Michalko

The Importance Of Mentors

September 3, 2014


Interview with Steven K. Smith, author of the book Mentored by a Millionaire: Master Strategies of Super Achievers




Mike Carruthers:
It would appear to be almost impossible to achieve success without a mentor.


Steven K. Scott:
Nobody in history has even done it. Never.

Steven K. Scott

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