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What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

February 12, 2016


Interview with Peter Sheahan, author of the book Making It Happen: Turning Good Ideas Into Great Results




Mike Carruthers:
Not to burst your entrepreneurial bubble but if you have a great idea for the next big thing just remember…


Peter Sheahan:
The world doesn’t need any new ideas there’s plenty of ideas out there. The real value is created with the person that does have the business smarts to execute on it.


Peter Sheahan

Being More Productive - Part 2

February 9, 2016


Interview with Jason Selk, author of the book Organize Tomorrow Today: 8 Ways to Retrain Your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life




Mike Carruthers:
If you want to be more productive it’s apparently all in the planning.


Jason Selk:
The process of, on a daily basis, me today identifying my 3 most important tasks for tomorrow and of those 3 most important tasks what is my one must.

Jason Selk

Being More Productive

February 8, 2016


Interview with Jason Selk, author of the book Organize Tomorrow Today: 8 Ways to Retrain Your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life




Mike Carruthers:
Too much to do and not enough time to do it how do you solve that problem? One way is start by understanding the concept of channel capacity.


Jason Selk:
Channel capacity if you will is really just the bandwidth that our brains have. And unfortunately most everybody out there is overloading channel capacity – trying to do too much.

Jason Selk

Fun In The Workplace

February 4, 2016


Interview with Scott Christopher, co-author of the book The Levity Effect: Why it Pays to Lighten Up




Mike Carruthers:
The work you do may be quite serious but the work environment doesn't have to be.


Scott Christopher:
We've found that those who possess a sense of humor (or at least an ability to appreciate humor) climb the corporate ladder quicker and they actually end up making a little more money.

Scott Christopher

Do's & Don'ts Of Entrepreneurship

January 27, 2016


Interview with John Bradberry, author of the book 6 Secrets to Startup Success: How to Turn Your Entrepreneurial Passion into a Thriving Business




Mike Carruthers:
In order to be a successful entrepreneur the conventional wisdom is you have to have passion for your idea.


John Bradberry:
And what I’ve found Mike is that passion, as important as it is to getting a business off the ground, is also the very thing that can lead new founders astray.

John Bradberry

Group Dynamics At Work

January 18, 2016


Interview with Kevin Coyne, author of the book Brainsteering: A Better Approach to Breakthrough Ideas




Mike Carruthers:
In order to problem solve or come up with new ideas organizations have meetings and the larger the meeting the fewer people participate.


Kevin Coyne:
The group dynamic in a large group is always – you put any group of 20 people together, 17 think they’re supposed to not talk.

Kevin P. Coyne

How To Be More Innovative

December 28, 2015


Interview with Patrick J. Howie, author of the book The Evolution of Revolutions: How We Create, Shape, and React to Change




Mike Carruthers:
If you really want your new ideas to be succeed it's important to understand the 3 phases of innovation.


Patrick J. Howie:
The 1st stage is sort of the natural phase of resistance; every innovation no matter how sort of compelling it is (especially to the innovator) is going to see resistance.


Patrick J. Howie

Characteristics Of Success

December 18, 2015


Interview with Robert Jordan, author of the book How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America




Mike Carruthers:
When you look at very successful business people you find that all of them have risked and failed on their way to success.


Robert Jordan:
And that sounds obvious but some of them pointed out most of us tend to avoid failure - and none of these people avoided failure.

Robert Jordan

Creating Your Successful Career

December 15, 2015


Interview with Dr. Edward Hallowell, author of the book Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People




Mike Carruthers:
What makes for a great career? Well first you have to pick the right career. And yet…


Dr. Edward Hallowell:
Millions of people don’t do it; they take the highest paying job, the highest status job, probably as many people take the wrong job as marry the wrong person.

Dr. Edward Hallowell 

Business Etiquette Most People Forget

December 9, 2015


Interview with Barbara Pachter, author of the book Greet! Eat! Tweet!: 52 Business Etiquette Postings To Avoid Pitfalls and Boost Your Career




Mike Carruthers:
When you’re not consciously thinking about it, what is your default standard facial expression?


Barbara Pachter:
Many people have these incredibly stern standard facial expressions and don’t even realize it and people don’t come up to people with stern facial expressions.

Barbara Pachter

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