Completing Projects You Start

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May 2, 2013


Interview with Michelle LaBrosse, Founder of Cheetah Learning




Mike Carruthers:
75% of all the projects you start you never finish, why? Mostly because of distractions.


Michelle LaBrosse:
And now like today with our smartphones there’s more and more things to get us distracted. And these distractions are like little addictions they give you a little dopamine rush.



Michelle LaBrosse

Project management expert Michelle LaBrosse, Founder of Cheetah Learning, says if you want to finish what you start an important technique to use is called time boxing.


When you can get rid of all of your distractions and focus on 1 task for 1 hour – you will be amazed at what you can do.


So as an example say you want to clean your garage.


You spend 1 hour and that’s it, 1 hour, you totally focus – no distraction. Say your goal is I want to get rid of all of the boxes in my garage. And I’m going to spend 1 hour doing this, and that’s it I’m not going to go do anything else. After that 1 hour you’re going to feel great about yourself.


And another essential technique to completing a project is to 1st prioritize.


Prioritizing will help you work on what’s most important to you that’ll take the least amount of time, with the least amount of talent, and least amount of cost. And what you want to do is you want to do those things that you can get done fast for no money with very little talent and that are most important to you 1st - because success breeds success.




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