Something You Should Know about Customer Service

The Power Of Social Media In Business

September 17, 2014


Interview with Mark Babbitt, co-author of the book A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive




Mike Carruthers:
Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have been dismissed by many business leaders as being a fad but more and more it seems that…


Mark Babbitt:
Socials not a fad it’s not going away this is the way that business is done. The Industrial age is dead, the social age is upon us and we need to embrace that.

Mark Babbitt

Customer Loyalty

November 15, 2013


Interview with Terry Vavra, co-author of the book Loyalty Myths: Hyped Strategies That Will Put You Out of Business -- and Proven Tactics That Really Work




Mike Carruthers:
In discussing customer service you’ve probably heard it said that it’s more efficient to keep an existing customer than to get a new one. 


Terry Vavra:
That is just absolutely false. The fact of the matter is that businesses have essentially three types of customers.

Terry Vavra

Why We Pay So Many Fees

September 13, 2013


Interview with Bob Sullivan, author of the book Gotcha Capitalism: How Hidden Fees Rip You Off Every Day-and What You Can Do About It




Mike Carruthers: 
With so many products and services you buy today, there is the price and then there are the fees.


Bob Sullivan:
When you rent a car, goodness gracious, the amount that you're quoted is often fifty percent of the price that you end up paying once the vehicle license recovery fee and the tire and battery disposal fee are added in. 

Bob Sullivan

Good Profits Vs. Bad Profits

May 10, 2013


Interview with Fred Reicheld, author of the book The Ultimate Question 2.0 (Revised and Expanded Edition): How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World




Mike Carruthers:
Every business wants to make profits, however for many businesses… 


Fred Reichheld:
They really forget about whether those profits were earned at the expense of customers or whether they were earned by making customers so pleased that they'll come back for more and bring their friends.

Fred Reicheld

Power Of Likeability - Part 2

June 12, 2012


Interview with Rohit Bhargava, author of the book Likeonomics: The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust, Influencing Behavior, and Inspiring Action




Mike Carruthers:
You’ve probably heard that we generally like people who are like us.


Rohit Bhargava:
So that’s certainly true but what it doesn’t mean is that we don’t like people who aren’t like us. The opposite part of it isn’t true. 

Rohit Bhargava

Important Info About Your Car - Part 2

February 1, 2012


Interview with Pamela Oakes, author of the book Car Care for the Clueless: (...or How To "Make Money" While Maintaining Your Vehicle) (Volume 2)




Mike Carruthers:
Does it really matter what brand of gasoline you put in your car? Apparently it does.


Pamela Oakes:
A group of automotive manufacturers got together with petroleum companies and said you know for our vehicles to have the best miles per gallon and the least emissions we need the specific formula in our fuel. 

Pamela Oakes

Important Info About Your Car

January 31, 2012


Interview with Pamela Oakes, author of the book Car Care for the Clueless: (...or How To "Make Money" While Maintaining Your Vehicle) (Volume 2)




Mike Carruthers:
You go to start your car and the battery is dead, so what do you do? Well usually you grab the jumper cables.


Pamela Oakes:
Please, please, please if you have jumper cables get rid of them. We don’t anybody to be using jumper cables anymore.

Pamela Oakes

Science Of Persuasion

June 24, 2011


Interview with Robert Cialdini, author of the book Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive




Mike Carruthers:
People are pretty predictable. And you can use that knowledge to persuade them. Take restaurants for example…


Robert Cialdini:
If they put on the menu, "This is our most popular item," it immediately becomes more popular.

Robert Cialdini

Saving Money On Gas

May 6, 2011


Interview with Lauren Fix Spokesperson for The Care Car Council




Mike Carruthers:
You really can improve your car's gas mileage.


Lauren Fix:
The first thing you can do actually costs nothing and that is tighten down your gas cap. Last year 147 million gallons of gas evaporated because of broken, missing or loose gas caps.

Lauren Fix

Protect Yourself From Electronic Crime

February 7, 2011


Interview with Robert  Siciliano, Security Expert for




Mike Carruthers:
You know what’s really scary? – cyber-crime because we’re all possible victims of a business that’s very, very lucrative.


Robert  Siciliano:
McAfee did a study not too long ago and determined that we’re at about a trillion dollars as a result of cyber-crime.

Robert Siciliano

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