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Improving Parent/Adult Children Relationships

April 14, 2014


Interview with Jane Isay, author of the book Walking on Eggshells: Navigating the Delicate Relationship Between Adult Children and Parents




Mike Carruthers:
Many adult children have some difficulty in their relationship with their parents and that difficulty can grow into real conflict, however…


Jane Isay:
Tiny changes in the parents' behavior can make very large changes in the relationship - a loving email that doesn't need a response or a phone call without an agenda.

Jane Isay

Our Anti-Male Culture

April 2, 2014


Interview with Kathleen Parker, author of the book Save the Males: Why Men Matter Why Women Should Care




Mike Carruthers:
Have you noticed in our society that…


Kathleen Parker:
The culture at large is extremely anti-male these days. This has been building for twenty or thirty years. And it's finally reached a point where guys can't do anything right.

Kathleen Parker

Overindulging Our Kids - Part 2

March 19, 2014


Interview with Dr. David Bredehoft, author of the book How Much Is Too Much? 




Mike Carruthers:
How do you know if you’re overindulging your child? Well ask yourself some questions.


Dr. David Bredehoft:
Is what I am doing, does that get in the way of my child learning what he or she needs to be learning at that time. You’re in such a hurry you tie the kids shoes because you can do it quicker.


Dr. David Bredehoft

Overindulging Our Kids

March 18, 2014


Interview with Dr. David Bredehoft, author of the book How Much Is Too Much? 




Mike Carruthers:
You likely agree that kids today are overindulged by their parents more than in previous generations. So why is that?


Dr. David Bredehoft:
We found out from our research that overindulgence really comes from good heart they want the best for their kids.

Dr. David Bredehoft

Ways To Improve Family Communication

February 17, 2014


Interview with Dr. Carl Alasko, author of the book Say




Mike Carruthers:
If you want to improve your communication skills particularly within your own family…


Dr. Carl Alasko:
Don’t ask questions that don’t have an actual answer. And I put the main culprit the why question. Why didn’t you do your homework?

Dr. Carl Alasko

Getting Good At Saying No

January 28, 2014


Interview with Jana Kemp, author of the book No! How One Simple Word Can Transform Your Life




Mike Carruthers:
Although it's difficult, being able to say "no" to people has some real benefits.


Jana Kemp:
When we learn to say no more effectively we actually feel less stress in our lives. By learning to say no and keeping our resolve other people start to respect our personal boundaries and our professional boundaries.

Jana Kemp

Keys To A More Successful Life

January 23, 2014


Interview with Alan C. Fox, author of the book People Tools: 54 Strategies for Building Relationships, Creating Joy, and Embracing Prosperity




Mike Carruthers:
If you want a more rewarding life take more risks.


Alan C. Fox:
If you take more chances in your life, and I’m not talking about stupid chances, but take a little bit more chance tell someone you love them. I think you’ll be rather surprised and delighted by the results.

Alan C. Fox

How Technology Controls Your Life

October 28, 2013


Interview with Anne Katherine, author of the book Boundaries in an Overconnected World: Setting Limits to Preserve Your Focus, Privacy, Relationships, and Sanity




Mike Carruthers:
Everyone knows you’re not supposed to talk or text on the phone while you’re driving so why does so many people still do it?


Anne Katherine:
We’ve been trained for many, many years to respond to a telephone ring. And so if a phone rings or a text bings while you’re in your car your hand will reach for that before your mind even engages.

Anne Katherine

Powerful Parenting Tips

September 27, 2013


Interview with Diana Loomans, author of the book What All Children Want Their Parents to Know: Twelve Keys to Successful Parenting




Mike Carruthers:
You've certainly heard it before, spending quality time with children is so important yet still… 


Diana Loomans:
Grade school children get about 20 minutes of undivided quality time per week with their parent, with each parent.

Diana Loomans

The Germs In Your Home - Part 2

September 4, 2013


Interview with Dr. Charles Gerba aka “Dr. Germ” Spokesperson for Service




Mike Carruthers:
When you wash your clothes they make look clean but they may not be as clean as you think they are.


Dr. Charles Gerba:
Because only 5% of us use hot water anymore our clothes are a lot “germier” than our grandparents were who had to use hot water and dish detergents all of the time.

Dr. Charles Gerba

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