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How Technology Affects Jobs

August 12, 2015


Interview with Geoff Colvin, author of the book Humans Are Underrated: What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never Will




Mike Carruthers:
As technology allows more and more jobs to be done by machines many people worry that their job is next.


Geoff Colvin:
What’s happening is what technology has always done. Which is revalue skills, some skills become less valuable and some are becoming more valuable.

Geoff Colvin

Math In Everyday Life

July 21, 2015


Interview with Jordan Ellenberg, author of the book How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking




Mike Carruthers:
Understanding the role mathematics plays in our thinking is really fascinating. To illustrate back in World War II…


Jordan Ellenberg:
A bunch of generals come to a group of mathematicians and say these planes that are coming back from Germany that are flying missions there’s more bullet holes on the fuselage than on the engines. We want to know how much more armor we should be putting on the fuselage where the planes are getting hit.

Jordan Ellenberg

Americans And Their Cars

June 12, 2015


Interview with Anne Lutz Fernandez, author of the book Carjacked: The Culture of the Automobile and Its Effect on Our Lives




Mike Carruthers:
Americans love their cars and I bet you’ll be surprised to realize how much time we actually spend in them.


Anne Lutz Fernandez:
On average American’s spend (either as a driver or passenger) 18 and a half hours a week in their cars.




Anne Lutz Fernandez

When Your Car Breaks Down

May 13, 2015


Interview with Walt Brinker, author of the book Roadside Survival: Low-tech Solutions to Automobile Breakdowns




Mike Carruthers:
If it’s ever happened to you, you know that having your car break down is a terrible experience and often preventable.


Walt Brinker:
Three quarters of the people I stop for have tire related issues, the other 25% are a combination of out of gas, the car just cut off usually because of a loose electrical connection someplace.

Walt Brinker

Bouncing Back From Setbacks & Trauma

May 11, 2015


Interview with David Feldman, author of the book Supersurvivors: The Surprising Link Between Suffering and Success




Mike Carruthers:
How many have you heard what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Or when life gives you lemons you make lemonade? But when you really study people who have bounced back from trauma in life…


David Feldman:
All have said what did not help them was positive thinking. What did not help them was silver lining look on the bright side thinking.


David Feldman

Giving Money To Charity

May 5, 2015


Interview with Carrie Morgridge, author of the book Every Gift Matters: How Your Passion Can Change the World




Mike Carruthers:
The average American gives $2,200 a year to charity it feels good. But sometimes it feels like small gifts don’t make much of a difference but actually…


Carrie Morgridge:
Small gifts really make a difference, for me they’re also the most fulfilling because sometimes your small gift you can actually see, feel and touch it.


Carrie Morgridge

Medical Errors

April 20, 2015


Interview with Rosemary Gibson, author of the book The Battle Over Health Care: What Obama's Reform Means for America's Future




Mike Carruthers:
Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States and the problem is getting worse.


Rosemary Gibson:
About 15 years ago the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences issued a stunning report that estimated about 100 thousand people die every year in the United States because of preventable medical errors in hospitals.


Rosemary Gibson

Fascinating Things You Never Knew

April 17, 2015


Interview with David Hoffman, author of the book Who Knew? Things You Didn't Know About Things You Know Well




Mike Carruthers:
Ever wonder why taxicabs are usually yellow?


David Hoffman:
A guy named Hertz actually who went on later to start a rental car company did a study.


David Hoffman

Organizing Your Stuff

April 14, 2014


Interview with Regina Leeds, author of the book Rightsize . . . Right Now!: The 8-Week Plan to Organize, Declutter, and Make Any Move Stress-Free




Mike Carruthers:
Perhaps the best reason for organizing and decluttering your home is the space that you reclaim as a result.


Regina Leeds:
Space is an invaluable commodity. And if we have more of it in our homes it would help us think more clearly and be more peaceful and calm.


Regina Leeds

The Effects Of Color On Thought & Behavior

April 10, 2015


Interview with Alex J. Packer, author of the book Wise Highs: How to Thrill, Chill, & Get Away from It All Without Alcohol or Other Drugs



Mike Carruthers:
One factor that influences how you feel and behave is color.


Alex Packer:
And designers of homes and fashion designers take advantage of that. For example, blue is generally a calming color. It sorta cools things down.

Alex J. Packer

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