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How Accurate Are The Experts

January 20, 2016


Interview with Dan Gardner, author of the book Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Are Next to Worthless, and You Can Do Better




Mike Carruthers:
When you watch television, news and business shows there’s no shortage of experts predicting the future of politics, world events and the stock market. But just how accurate are those predictions?


Dan Gardner:
What you need of course to access expert prediction accuracy is a proper experiment unfortunately that experiment has been done.

Dan Gardner

Interesting Lesson From The Beatles' Success

January 5, 2016


Interview with Harry Beckwith, author of the book Unthinking




Mike Carruthers:
Back in the '60s the Beatles exploded like nothing we’d ever seen before -and some research helps explain why.


Harry Beckwith:
Well, they did a very good job of making the audience feel that they were singing to them.  That was a big part of it.  They don't sing about Peggy Sue but they sing to you, and they say, "I want to hold your hand."

Harry Beckwith

Great Life Hacks - Part 2

December 17, 2015


Interview with David Pogue, author of the book Pogue's Basics: Life: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) for Simplifying Your Day




Mike Carruthers:

How many times have you searched a website for a customer service phone number to call somebody? It’s hard to find and it takes a long time but there is a better way.


David Pogue:
Google it. Google know every customer service number. You don’t have to wade through people’s websites trying to find it. Just type Burger King 800 number and you’ll get it.

David Pogue

Great Life Hacks

December 16, 2015


Interview with David Pogue, author of the book Pogue's Basics: Life: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) for Simplifying Your Day




Mike Carruthers:
Of course you want to make your life easier so I have some tips for you. For example did you know you don’t have to refrigerate butter?


David Pogue:
Even the USDA website says it’s OK to leave butter out of the refrigerator for many weeks.

David Pogue

Dealing With Toxic People

December 11, 2015


Interview with Lillian Glass, author of the book Toxic Men: 10 Ways to Identify, Deal with, and Heal from the Men Who Make Your Life Miserable




Mike Carruthers:
Are there toxic people in your life?


Lillian Glass:
A toxic person that’s somebody that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. It’s somebody that doesn’t bring out the best in you and they’re various types of toxic people.

Lillian Glass

Fascinating Math

November 24, 2015


Interview with Arthur Benjamin, author of the book The Magic of Math: Solving for x and Figuring Out Why




Mike Carruthers:
Probably every school kid wonders the importance of all the math they’re taught - math they’ll never use again. But there’s another side to the story.


Arthur Benjamin:
I don’t know of anything that trains you to think more logically than learning mathematics.

Arthur Benjamin

Preventing Hackers From Stealing Your Data

November 16, 2015


Interview with Dr. Tim Summers of




Mike Carruthers:
Hackers love the holidays. This time of year there are a lot of ways they can get you to let them into your computer so they can steal your data.


Dr. Tim Summers:
It’s the holidays hackers know that you’re going to be traveling. So they may send you an email that has an attachment that looks like a flight itinerary. You’re very likely to click on that because you’re thinking it’s from Delta.

Dr. Timothy Summers

Why Doing Good Is Good For You

November 13, 2015


Interview with Stephen Post, author of the book Why Good Things Happen to Good People: How to Live a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life by the Simple Act of Giving




Mike Carruthers:
You know that feeling you get when you do something kind for someone else?


Stephen Post:
That's actually been well described as the helper's high and even in 2006 major neurological studies showed that when we even think about helping others a part of the brain lights up that's associated with feel-good chemicals.

Stephen Post

Protecting Your Personal Safety

November 12, 2015


Interview with Jason Hanson, author of the book Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life: A Former CIA Officer Reveals Safety and Survival Techniques to Keep You and Your Family Protected




Mike Carruthers:
The fact that people are always looking down at their phones when they’re out walking is something criminals really like because…


Jason Hanson:
The foundation of personal safety is what I think is common sense and that’s keeping your head up when you’re out and about in public. So that’s not walking out of the Walmart parking lot with your head down playing on whatever the latest gadget is.

Jason Hanson

Your Creativity

November 4, 2015


Interview with Shelley Carson, author of the book Your Creative Brain: Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity, and Innovation in Your Life




Mike Carruthers:
Even if you don’t consider yourself to be creative you really are.


Shelley Carson:
Our brains are creativity machines; they’re built to come up with creative ideas – because creativity is basically the way we’ve survived as a species.


Shelley Carson

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