Something You Should Know about Retirement

Accumulating Wealth

September 11, 2013


Interview with Brett Wilder, author of the book The Quiet Millionaire: Eliminate Financial Stress and Accumulate Wealth for a Lifetime of Security and Independence




Mike Carruthers: 
Most millionaires, you've never heard of… 


Brett Wilder: 
They're people who accumulate money very quietly. You hear about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and Donald Trump but you don't hear about the thousands of people who know what needs to be done to make themselves financially independent.

Brett Wilder

Strategies Of The Wealthy

June 13, 2013


Interview with Jason Vanclef, author of the book The Wealth Code 2.0: How the Rich Stay Rich in Good Times and Bad




Mike Carruthers:
How do rich people get rich?


Jason Vanclef:
They don’t put all their eggs in one basket – we’ve heard it before.  They build financial tables with many different legs on them. Stocks and bonds are just one leg and they understand that legs will break but other ones will support the table.

Jason Vanclef

Your Money Decisions

February 26, 2013


Interview with Bruce Helmer, author of the book Real Wealth - How to make Smart Money Choices for what matters most to YOU




Mike Carruthers:
When you think about your overall financial situation what is it that’s important to you?


Bruce Helmer:
People are so focused on the right investment. Should I buy this stock or that stock? Should I get out of stocks completely and buy bonds? And I think that’s the wrong way to begin.

Bruce Helmer

Adult Children & Their Elderly Parents

October 19, 2012


Interview with Dan Taylor, author of the book The Parent Care Solution: A Legacy of Love...




Mike Carruthers:
It's inevitable that parents grow old, require more care, and eventually die. And the vast majority of elderly parents and their baby boomer children are completely unprepared for that.


Dan Taylor:
What happens is you get the phone call in the middle of the night that dad's walking down the street in his pajamas trying to give away the dog and mom's cooking eggs on the front lawn and then you have to figure out what you are going to do and you don't have the documents, don't have the authority, you don't know where the assets are, but you have to spring to action.

Dan Taylor

Simple Answers To Financial Questions - Part 2

May 31, 2012


Interview with Jack Otter, author of the book Worth It ... Not Worth It?: Simple & Profitable Answers to Life's Tough Financial Questions




Mike Carruthers:
When you rent a car should you buy the extra insurance just in case?


Jack Otter:
The fact is the vast majority of people don’t need that insurance it is redundant. If you own your own car then you’re insured for driving that rental car.

Jack Otter

Simple Answers To Financial Questions

May 30, 2012


Interview with Jack Otter, author of the book Worth It ... Not Worth It?: Simple & Profitable Answers to Life's Tough Financial Questions




Mike Carruthers:
Some common financial questions may seem complicated but the answer is actually simple. For instance should you buy or lease a car?


Jack Otter:
Most people are much better off buying because, among other things, it’s a lot more straightforward.

Jack Otter

What Is Your Financial Future?

June 9, 2010


Interview with Saly Glassman, author of the book It’s About More Than The Money




Mike Carruthers:
Planning out your financial future, some people are very good at it but a lot of us don’t really have a detailed plan – we just kind of hope for the best.


Saly Glassman:
Well that’s one strategy, put your head in the sand and what you don’t know won’t hurt you and that’s all fine – but that’s very “disempowering”.

Saly Glassman

Simple Money Strategies

January 21, 2010


Interview with Manisha Thakor, co-author of the book Get Financially Naked: How to Talk Money with Your Honey




Mike Carruthers:
There is no shortage of people with advice on what you should do with your money. But here’s some advice regarding that advice…


Manisha Thakor:
Good personal finance can and should be simple and if you don’t understand what somebody’s saying to you chances are they don’t understand it – ask until you feel completely comfortable.


Manisha Thakor

Good News About Your Financial Future

January 8, 2010


Interview with Jonathan Pond, author of the book You Can Do It!: The Boomer's Guide to a Great Retirement




Mike Carruthers:
Baby Boomers, it's been said, have a perilous financial future because they have too much debt, not enough money saved and their retirement outlook is bleak - well, here's a different point of view…


Jonathan Pond:
Boomers are in a lot better condition than the media and the financial services industry would have it - some studies have suggested that as many as 80% of Boomers are on track to achieve a pretty good retirement.

Jonathan Pond


Important Facts For Investors

May 7, 2009
Interview with Steve Wiseman, author of The Truth About Protecting Your IRAs and 401(k)s



Mike Carruthers:

You're probably at least a little concerned about the economy, your money and the stock market.


Steve Wiseman:
There are people now that are overly concerned about the fact that the market will never come back - it will. We're in a difficult period but it's not unprecedented.

Steve Wiseman


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