Something You Should Know about Disease

What You Didn't Know About Your Teeth

July 25, 2016


Interview with Dr. Roger Lucas, author of the book More Chocolate, No Cavities




Mike Carruthers:
If getting cavities is a concern for you or your kids it’s important to know that…


Dr. Roger Lucas:
You can’t cavities from fat and you can’t get cavities from fiber you can only get cavities from carbohydrates like sugar but other carbohydrates as well.


Dr. Roger Lucas

Breathing Problems In Kids

July 12, 2016


Interview with Nina Shapiro, M.D., author of the book Take a Deep Breath: Clear the Air for the Health of Your Child




Mike Carruthers:
Breathing problems in children are common but one of the things that concerns parents the most is snoring.


Dr. Nina Shapiro:
A little bit of snoring is normal most kids do have some snoring at night that comes and goes and certainly if they’re sick it becomes a little bit worse.

Dr. Nina Shapiro

Diet & Disease

April 19, 2016


Interview with Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of the book The End Of Heart Disease




Mike Carruthers:
Heart disease is the # 1 killer and yet…


Dr. Joel Fuhrman:
Everybody should know in America that we don’t have to have heart attacks and we don’t have to have strokes.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Mental Depression

April 5, 2016


Interview with Dr. Kelly Brogan, author of the book A Mind Of Your Own




Mike Carruthers:
Depression seems like everyone either has it or knows someone who does.


Dr. Kelly Brogan:
Depression is actually the number 1 cause of disability according to the World Health Organization worldwide right now.

Dr. Kelly Brogan

Ending Heart Disease

February 10, 2016


Interview with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, author of the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease




Mike Carruthers:
More and more research keeps pointing to the fact that a plant based diet will help prevent and conquer all kinds of chronic diseases.


Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn:
What happens to somebody when you’re treating them with whole food plant based nutrition who’s overweight, with heart disease, diabetes and hypertension? The risk for a heart attack – gone! The risk for a stroke – gone! Obesity – gone! Diabetes – gone!


Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Changes In Medicine

February 1, 2016


Interview with Dr. David Agus, author of the book The Lucky Years: How to Thrive in the Brave New World of Health




Mike Carruthers:
Medical discoveries are happening at such a rapid rate that your doctor can’t possibly keep up.


Dr. David Agus:
The average doctor with a new technology, it takes 12 years for 50% of doctors to adapt it.

Dr. David Agus

What's New With Alzheimer's Disease

January 19, 2016


Interview with Dr. Kenneth S. Kosik, author of the book Outsmarting Alzheimer's: What You Can Do To Reduce Your Risk




Mike Carruthers:
As the population age’s Alzheimer’s disease is becoming something of an epidemic - and it’s scary how little we know.


Dr. Kenneth S. Kosik:
1% or less of the people who get it – we know why they get it. They get it because it’s hereditary however 99% or more of the people who get it we don’t know why they get it.

Dr. Kenneth S. Kosik

What's Good For You & Bad For You

December 14, 2015


Interview with Jeff Wilser, author of the book The Bad




Mike Carruthers:
It’s hard to know what to believe one study says fat is bad for you. The next study says fats are OK but carbs are bad for you – so when the dust all settles…


Jeff Wilser:
It’s really not saturated fat or fat that leads to obesity it’s more about sugar and carbohydrates.

Jeff Wilser

The Secrets Of A Good Memory

December 28, 2010


Interview with Joan Liebmann-Smith, author of the book Body Signs: From Warning Signs to False Alarms...How to Be Your Own Diagnostic Detective




Mike Carruthers:
If you pay attention, your body may be giving you signs. Premature gray hair for example…


Joan Liebmann-Smith:
People with premature gray hair are prone to a lot of autoimmune diseases, hyper or hypothyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis.

Joan Liebmann-Smith

Sugar & Health

November 10, 2015


Interview with Dr. Tel Franklin, Board certified family physician
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Mike Carruthers:
For years now we’ve heard that fat in the diet is what makes people fat.


Dr. Tel Franklin:
About 30 years ago the powers that be got it wrong. The focus was always on low fat and it should have been on minimizing sugar.

Dr. Tel Franklin

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