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Diet & Health

April 16, 2015


Interview with Dr. Thomas Campbell, author of the book The Campbell Plan: The Simple Way to Lose Weight and Reverse Illness, Using The China Study's Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet




Mike Carruthers:
A low carbohydrate diet may help you lose weight but…


Thomas Campbell:
Research shows a high carbohydrate diet is actually best for your long-term health - as long as those carbohydrates are coming in the right form.

Dr. Thomas Campbell

Being Fat Isn't Always Unhealthy

April 6, 2015


Interview with Dr. Carl J. Lavie, author of the book The Obesity Paradox: When Thinner Means Sicker and Heavier Means Healthier




Mike Carruthers:
Sure it would be great if everybody was thin, fit and healthy but…


Dr. Carl Lavie:
Our research that we’ve been doing for 15 years has really pointed out that fat is not always the devil and in fact fitness is much more important than fatness with regard to long-term prognosis.


Dr. Carl J. Lavie

Dental Health & Heart Disease

March 26, 2015


Interview with Dr. Robert Kulacz, author of the book The Toxic Tooth: How a root canal could be making you sick




Mike Carruthers:
Maybe you’ve heard there’s a connection between dental health and heart disease and apparently it’s more than just a mild connection.


Dr. Robert Kulacz:
In fact in the book Beat The Heart Attack Gene the author a cardiologist says that 50% of all heart attacks are triggered by oral infection.

Dr. Robert Kulacz

Easy Ways To Be Healthy

March 19, 2015


Interview with David Niven, author of the book 100 Simple Secrets of Healthy People: What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use it (100 Simple Secrets)




Mike Carruthers:
It’s pretty well accepted that taking vitamin supplements is good for your health.


David Niven:
But we kind of image well some vitamins are good more vitamins are better. But it works out that there’s only so much that our body can process. And some folks are mega-dosing on vitamins not only isn’t it doing their body and good but it can actually be a mild threat to them.

David Niven

Reversing The Aging Process

March 10, 2015


Interview with Dr. Michael Roizen, author of the book Real Age, are You as Young as You Can Be?



Mike Carruthers:
We all have a chronological age.


Dr. Michael Roizen:
It turns out there are 132 factors that we can influence that influence our rate of aging.

Dr. Michael Roizen

Reversing The Aging Process - Part 2

March 11, 2015


Interview with Dr. Michael Roizen, author of the book Real Age, are You as Young as You Can Be?




Mike Carruthers:
We’re all getting older and there’s nothing we can do about it. Right? Wrong.


Dr. Michael Roizen:
But we also have an actual age of our body. And your body can be many years younger or older than your calendar age.

Dr. Michael Roizen

How To Prevent Dementia Later In Life

March 5, 2015


Interview with Norman Doige, author of the book The Brain's Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity




Mike Carruthers:
So much has been learned in recent years about our brains and how our behavior affects their function.


Norman Doige:
There are things that we can do to protect ourselves from cognitive decline for instance.


Norman Doige

Your Remarkable Skin

February 6, 2015


Interview with Dr. David Leffell, author of the book Total Skin: The Definitive Guide to Whole Skin Care for Life




Mike Carruthers:
We often take it for granted, but our skin is quite remarkable.


David Leffell M.D.:
The skin is designed to be our interface with the environment - so its biology allows it to repair itself in an amazing fashion.

Dr. David Leffell

Exercise & Pain

January 7, 2015


Interview with Dr. Steven J. Barrer, author of the book Exercise Will Hurt You




Mike Carruthers:
Exercise is a big New Year’s resolution topic but there’s a problem with exercise we don’t discuss much; injury.


Dr. Steven J. Barrer:
I don’t personally know anybody who exercises routinely or participates in sports or both who hasn’t been injured – it’s just inevitable.

Dr. Steven Barrer

Inflammation & Disease

January 1, 2015


Interview with Dr. Richard Fleming, author of the book Stop Inflammation Now!




Mike Carruthers: 
You may not have heard this before, but inflammation is a big health problem.


Richard Fleming:
Well it turns out that inflammation is what really causes heart disease and a number of other diseases.

Dr. Richard Fleming

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