Something You Should Know about Appearance

Presenting Your Ideas Well

March 6, 2014


Interview with Carmine Gallo, author of the book Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World's Top Minds




Mike Carruthers:
If you want to get ahead today you have to be able to communicate well and express your ideas verbally.


Carmine Gallo:
You can have great ideas but if you cannot communicate persuasively. If I can’t move you to action then my ideas don’t matter that much, do they?

Carmine Gallo

Preparing For Important Conversations

March 3, 2014


Interview with Ronald Shapiro, author of the book Perfecting Your Pitch: How to Succeed in Business and in Life by Finding Words That Work




Mike Carruthers:
Think of all the times you’ve had to have serious even difficult conversations with people.


Ronald Shapiro:
You have a family financial squabble, you’re going to ask the boss for a raise, break a relationship up with a partner – these are really important conversations.

Ronald Shapiro

Who Are You - What Should You Be?

January 31, 2014


Interview with Larry Ackerman, author of the book The Identity Code: The 8 Essential Questions for Finding Your Purpose and Place in the World




Mike Carruthers:
You've heard this all of your life. You can be anything you want if you aim high and work hard.


Larry Ackerman:

But that's a lie. You can't be anything you want to be in this world. At the same time you have far more potential than you know.

Larry Ackerman

Dressing For Work

October 31, 2013


Interview with Lauren A. Rothman, author of the book Style Bible: What to Wear to Work




Mike Carruthers:
Dressing correctly for work whether you’re a man or a woman is important to your career.


Lauren A. Rothman:
It’s about the person you are, the budget you have and the size you are today – not the one you wish you were. Style matters and a first impression only takes 5 seconds.


Lauren A. Rothman

What Makes People Charismatic - Part 2

August 13, 2013


Interview with John Neffinger, co-author of the book Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential




Mike Carruthers:
Being able to project both strength and warmth is a big part of what gives someone charisma.


John Neffinger:
The reason that charisma is so rare is that projecting both strength and warmth at the same time is tricky.

John Neffinger

What Makes People Charismatic

August 12, 2013


Interview with John Neffinger, co-author of the book Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential




Mike Carruthers:
Some people just have it you like being around them, being in their presence makes you feel good – they are compelling people.


John Neffinger:
The way it works though boils down to 2 key elements; #1 how much strength does someone project? And what we mean by that can they shape the world around them, can they bend it to their will?

John Neffinger

The Desire To Be Beautiful

March 28, 2013


Interview with Ellen Sinkman, author of the book The Psychology of Beauty: Creation of a Beautiful Self




Mike Carruthers:
The desire to look beautiful and to be attractive to others – where does it come from?


Ellen Sinkman:
First of all I would say that normal healthy interest in beauty is what everyone hopefully has. We all want to look good for ourselves and for others.

Ellen Sinkman

Being Persuasive

November 8, 2012


Interview with Alan Axelrod, author of the book Getting Your Way Every Day: Mastering the Lost Art of Pure Persuasion




Mike Carruthers:
If you want to be perceived as more authoritative and persuasive it really helps to be tall. But also…


Alan Axelrod:
People with deep voices are perceived generally as more authoritative than people with high voices.

Alan Axelrod

How To Connect With New People

September 21, 2012


Interview with Jill Spiegel, author of the book Jill Spiegel's How To Talk To Anyone About Anything!




Mike Carruthers:
Are you one of those people who has trouble mingling at parties - maybe because you’re just not good at small talk?


Jill Spiegel:
First of all there’s no such thing as small talk even when you start conversations with, “What a beautiful day.” Or a compliment like, “I love your tie.” You give people a psychological and emotional lift that makes them want to talk to you.

Jill Spiegel

Persuasion Secrets - Part 2

August 30, 2012


Interview with Terri Sjodin, author of the book Small Message, Big Impact: The Elevator Speech Effect




Mike Carruthers:
Whenever you want to persuade someone or a group it’s really all about you and the way you present your information.


Terri Sjodin:
You can’t just wing it. And I think inherently we all agree that people buy people. And your “peopleness” is communicated through the way that you speak and present.

Terri Sjodin

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