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Benefits Of Technology

October 1, 2014


Interview with Clive Thompson, author of the book Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better




Mike Carruthers:
Whether or not you like or you use computer technology you must admit it has done something remarkable.


Clive Thompson:
People are able to you know when they’re wondering about something or interest in something or passionate to broadcast what they’re thinking about and connect to other folks who they had no idea existed and go really deep with them.

Clive Thompson

The Power Of Social Media In Business

September 17, 2014


Interview with Mark Babbitt, co-author of the book A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive




Mike Carruthers:
Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have been dismissed by many business leaders as being a fad but more and more it seems that…


Mark Babbitt:
Socials not a fad it’s not going away this is the way that business is done. The Industrial age is dead, the social age is upon us and we need to embrace that.

Mark Babbitt

Being Connected To Technology 24/7

August 27, 2014


Interview with Michael Harris, author of the book The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We’ve Lost in a World of Constant Connection




Mike Carruthers:
Internet and cellphone technology has certainly become a big part of our lives.


Michael Harris:
There’s now actually a 1:1 ratio between active cellphone accounts and people on the earth – which is amazing considering when I was born cellphones didn’t even exist.

Michael Harris

Truth About Love

August 12, 2014


Interview with Dr. Thomas Habib, author of the book If These Walls Could Talk: A Therapist Reveals Stories of Change and How They will Work for You




Mike Carruthers:
Even in the very best relationships love can't always be there.


Dr. Thomas Habib:
In couples, it's the expectations of love we have; we talk about love as a constant when it isn't. What's constant is commitment.

Dr. Thomas Habib

How Technology Is Making The Workplace Obsolete

July 18, 2014


Interview with Richard Lieberman, author of the book Your Job And How Technology Will Change It




Mike Carruthers:
Technology has changed the way many of us do our jobs and more changes are coming.


Richard Lieberman:
Right now people use technology as a tool to help them with their job. The big change is we’re going to see technology as a collaborator in doing your job.


What's Really True On The Internet

June 30, 2014


Interview with Charles Seife, author of the book Virtual Unreality: Just Because the Internet Told You, How Do You Know It’s True?




Mike Carruthers:
The incredible amount of digital information available on the internet is causing some problems.


Charles Seife:
One of the things about digital information is that it’s flooding us in a way that we can’t keep up with – that there’s so much out there (much of which is false) that we can’t tell reality from fiction.

Charles Seife

Etiquette Rules In 2014

June 11, 2014


Interview with Peter Post,author of the book The Etiquette Advantage in Business, Third Edition: Personal Skills for Professional Success




Mike Carruthers:
The rules of etiquette are constantly evolving and changing.


Peter Post:
What doesn’t change in etiquette is what we call some principles that drive how those manners are arrived at. And those principles are to be considerate, respectful and honest and those are timeless in cross cultural boundaries.


Peter Post

Power Of Online Reviews

February 3, 2014


Interview with Itamar Simonson, author of the book Absolute Value: What Really Influences Customers in the Age of (Nearly) Perfect Information




Mike Carruthers:
What people post in their online reviews is having a big impact on product success or failure.


Itamar Simonson:
Reviews from experts, from consumers – I think that completely changes how consumers make buying decisions.

Itamar Simonson

Holiday Shopping Tools For 2013

November 25, 2013


Interview with Lisa Gerstner, Associate Editor, Kiplinger’s




Mike Carruthers:
As the holiday shopping season of 2013 gets into high gear there are some great new tools to help you save time and money - for instance the website


Lisa Gerstner:
And what we really like about it is there’s kind of a personal touch there. Their editors spend their day looking for the best deals and they write commentary like, “This is the lowest price we’ve seen in months on this product” -so really good place to look for that kind of stuff.

Lisa Gerstner

How Technology Controls Your Life

October 28, 2013


Interview with Anne Katherine, author of the book Boundaries in an Overconnected World: Setting Limits to Preserve Your Focus, Privacy, Relationships, and Sanity




Mike Carruthers:
Everyone knows you’re not supposed to talk or text on the phone while you’re driving so why does so many people still do it?


Anne Katherine:
We’ve been trained for many, many years to respond to a telephone ring. And so if a phone rings or a text bings while you’re in your car your hand will reach for that before your mind even engages.

Anne Katherine

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