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February 28, 2012


Interview with Barbara Diener, author of the book Toss Your Panties and Other Great Travel Tips: What To Know Before You Go: Clever Suggestions and Travel Tips For The Occasional Traveler




Mike Carruthers:
When you travel particularly by air there’s a lot to remember.


Barbara Diener:
There are weight restrictions, what you can and cannot keep in a carry-on; the airport and each airline have their own regulations. What I do recommend, because it changes daily, is to check with each individual airline - their websites are very informative.

Barbara Diener

Barbara Diener, author of the book Toss Your Panties and Other Great Travel Tips...


Toss your panties is exactly what my husband and I do, rather than traveling with dirty clothing we just toss them away and then we don’t have to pack dirty laundry.


When parents travel with children Barbara believes we sometimes expect too much of them.


When you’re traveling with children you have to let them be active. Don’t make them sit in the gate so let them run around so that when they do finally get on the train, the plane, or the car they’ve exhausted their energy.


And if you’re traveling to another country, particularly if you’re traveling alone…


Just try to blend in don’t wear austintatious jewelry, you know they know you’re American even before you open your mouth. If you’re traveling alone book a hotel room, ask for a room near an elevator so you’re not walking down a long hallway all by yourself. Or if you’re ordering room service order coffee for 2, nobody needs to know that you’re alone in the room.



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