What To Know When You Buy A Car

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February 27, 2013


Interview with Jack Gillis, author of the book The Car Book 2013




Mike Carruthers:
Not too many years ago many of us would never buy and American car for fear it was inferior.


Jack Gillis:
Right now you don’t necessarily have to be afraid to buy an American built car from an American manufacturer.

Jack Gillis

Jack Gillis, author of the book The Car Book 2013...


The traditional big 3 Chrysler, GM, and Ford are now producing vehicles that are not only fuel efficient and safe but are going to be much, much more reliable than the very same versions of those cars that they made 5 and 10 years ago.


Today you can buy a good quality car from either a European, Japanese, or American manufacturer and that list is growing.


The big new player on the scene, however, is the Korean manufacturers led by Hyundai and Kia. And those companies are much like the Japanese, where 10 years ago, in which they are building fuel efficient, high quality, very stylish, and very well priced vehicles.


One of the mistakes new car buyers often make, says Jack, is they don’t test drive a car long enough.


Most of the problems we have with the vehicles we bought are a function of after you’ve driven them for a while you don’t really like the acceleration, or it’s hard to back into your garage or you have a blind spot on the left side, or you know your family doesn’t quite fit in the car as well as you’d like them to. So 1; take a good long test drive.



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