April 4, 2014


Interview with Michael McCullough, author of the book Beyond Revenge: The Evolution of the Forgiveness Instinct




Mike Carruthers:
Forgiveness it’s a fascinating subject, because…


Mike McCullough:
Humans come into this world both with an instinct to seek revenge and with an ability to forgive. And the real difference, Mike, between the situations in which we're inclined to use revenge and the situations in which we're inclined to forgive is all about the environment. It's all about the situation.

Michael McCullough

April 3, 2014


Interview with Sheenah Hankin, author of the book Complete Confidence Updated Edition: A Handbook




Mike Carruthers:
One major reason we don't achieve our goals is lack of self-confidence.


Sheenah Hankin, PhD:
This country really suffers from something very serious. We talk about the price of gas being such a problem for the economy. What about the price of lack of confidence? All of these people in the country who are not fulfilling their potential, who have difficult relationships and don't know why.

Sheenah Hankin

April 2, 2014


Interview with Kathleen Parker, author of the book Save the Males: Why Men Matter Why Women Should Care




Mike Carruthers:
Have you noticed in our society that…


Kathleen Parker:
The culture at large is extremely anti-male these days. This has been building for twenty or thirty years. And it's finally reached a point where guys can't do anything right.

Kathleen Parker

April 1, 2014


Interview with Jolie Kerr, author of the book My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag . . . and Other Things You Can't Ask Martha




Mike Carruthers:
When you put a drinking glass on your coffee table without a coaster it can leave a ring. So how do you get rid of that ring?


Jolie Kerr:
Mixing a little bit of ash either cigarette or cigar ash with butter to make a paste will take those white water rings up from wood.

Jolie Kerr

March 31, 2014


Interview with Dr. Melissa Clarke, author of the book Excuse Me Doctor! I've Got What?: Taking Ownership of Your Health and Making Healthcare Reform Work for You




Mike Carruthers:
Doctor visits today are shorter than ever and in many cases take a long time to schedule. So as the patient you have to make the most of them.


Dr. Melissa Clarke:
I have 5 questions that you should never leave your doctor’s office without asking. The first is what’s wrong with me? And make sure you understand it in simple terms.


Dr. Melissa Clarke

March 28, 2014


Interview with Dr. Dean Ornish, author of the book The Spectrum: A Scientifically Proven Program to Feel Better, Live Longer, Lose Weight, and Gain Health





Mike Carruthers:
Do we really need to worry all that much about leading a healthy life? After all, life expectancy keeps going up.


Dean Ornish, M.D.:
Well actually life expectancy is not improving - it's actually starting to go down, finally. In the case of our kids this may be the first generation in which our kids live a shorter lifespan than their parents did - which is really pitiful.

Dr. Dean Ornish

March 27, 2014


Interview with Daniel Pink, author of the book The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need




Mike Carruthers:
The unsung, unexciting, un-sexy ingredient to success in anything is persistence - in fact…


Daniel Pink:
Persistence trumps talent. That is, there are massive returns to doggedness. The world is littered with extremely talented people who didn't persist.

Daniel H. Pink

March 26, 2014


Interview with Olivia Fox, author of the book The Pocket Guide To Becoming a Superstar In Your Field





Mike Carruthers:
Do you have charisma?


Olivia Fox:
Charisma really, in its essence, is how you make people feel about themselves. Someone who is charismatic is someone who draws you in, someone who makes you feel interesting and fascinated.


Olivia Fox

March 25, 2014


Interview with Adam Bryant, author of the book Quick and Nimble: Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create a Culture of Innovation




Mike Carruthers:
If you want to create a positive workplace culture don’t hire jerks.


Adam Bryant:
Because jerks multiple there is a phenomenon where you bring people into the company and they can have this effect on other people around them where they bring out bad behavior in other people.

Adam Bryant

March 24, 2014


Interview with Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, author of the book The Diet Fix: Why Diets Fail and How to Make Yours Work




Mike Carruthers:
Everyone knows diets don’t work but we still try them anyway, but why don’t they work?


Dr. Yoni Freedhoff:
I think that ultimately diets fail because we are taught by society as a whole that success and suffering are synonymous with one another.


Dr. Yoni Freedhoff

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