February 12, 2015


Interview with David Sacks, author of the book Language Visible: Unraveling the Mystery of the Alphabet from A to Z




Mike Carruthers:
Where DO the twenty-six letters in our alphabet come from?


David Sacks:
Our twenty-six come down to us from twenty-three letters that the ancient Romans used.

David Sacks

February 11, 2015


Interview with Anne Marie Ludovici, author of the book Change Your Mind, Change Your Health: 7 Ways to Harness the Power of Your Brain to Achieve True Well-Being




Mike Carruthers:
Making change is hard even if it’s for our own good. Why?


Anne Marie Ludovici:
There’s a couple of reasons the problem is most people don’t know the science behind the change and the true definition of change and how to successfully sustain a change.

Anne Marie Ludovici

February 10, 2015


Interview with Murray Carpenter, author of the book Caffeinated: How Our Daily Habit Helps, Hurts, and Hooks Us




Mike Carruthers:
When it comes to coffee and caffeine there are a lot of things you may not know. For example with all the coffee shops around today you think we drink more of it today than ever.


Murray Carpenter:
We actually consume less coffee than we did 60 years ago. Coffee consumption peaked in this country around 1950 per capita.

Murray Carpenter

February 9, 2015


Interview with Nikil Saval, author of the book Cubed: The Secret History of the Workplace




Mike Carruthers:
The look and design of office space has changed a lot over the years. At first offices were designed like factories.


Nikil Saval:
Just row, after row of desks in the center of the room for typist or accountants – people pace the floor like foremen as well just to supervise.

Nikil Saval

February 6, 2015


Interview with Dr. David Leffell, author of the book Total Skin: The Definitive Guide to Whole Skin Care for Life




Mike Carruthers:
We often take it for granted, but our skin is quite remarkable.


David Leffell M.D.:
The skin is designed to be our interface with the environment - so its biology allows it to repair itself in an amazing fashion.

Dr. David Leffell

February 5, 2015


Interview with Scott Gornto, author of the book The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Stop Jumping to Conclusions. Free Yourself from Anxiety. Transform Your Relationships.




Mike Carruthers:
What do human beings do when they don’t have the whole story? We make it up.


Scott Gornto:
You know our boss sends us an email 3 or 4 o’clock on a Friday afternoon and says hey I need to talk first thing Monday morning. And then we create a narrative about what that means, are we getting fired, have I made a mistake, what’s going on?

Scott Gornto

February 4, 2015


Interview with Charlotte Markey, author of the book Smart People Don't Diet: How the Latest Science Can Help You Lose Weight Permanently




Mike Carruthers:
So why do most people fail to stick to their New Year’s diet?


Charlotte Markey:
The main reason that is doesn’t work is because most diet plans people follow are just not sustainable. So you cut out carbs or you cut out whatever and you lose some weight but then eventually you want to eat those things again.

Charlotte Markey

February 3, 2015


Interview with Anthony Wolf, PhD author of the book The Secret of Parenting: How to Be in Charge of Today's Kids--from Toddlers to Preteens--Without Threats or Punishment




Mike Carruthers:
There is something parents don’t often understand about their own children’s behavior.


Anthony Wolf, PhD:
Behavior at home is not necessarily the same at all as behavior out there in the world and I talk about the baby self which parents get at home and the mature self which the rest of the world usually gets.


Anthony Wolf, PhD

February 2, 2015


Interview with Andrew Keen, author of the book The Internet Is Not the Answer




Mike Carruthers:
The Internet allows us to do so many things we could never do before but that’s not to say there aren’t some problems.


Andrew Keen:
The Internet was supposed to be all about innovation and disruption but having disrupted the old economy we actually have larger monopolies and less competition.

Andrew Keen

January 30, 2015


Interview with Steven Reiss PhD, author of the book Who am I? The 16 Basic Desires that Motivate Our Actions and Define Our Personalities




Mike Carruthers:
In many of our relationships we make a fundamental mistake.


Steven Reiss PhD:
We waste an enormous amount of time trying to change people who don't want to be changed.

Steven Reiss, PhD

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