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February 6, 2017

Interview with Courtney Lynch, co-author of the book Spark

Mike Carruthers:
Being a great leader isn’t just about having power or being the boss.

Courtney Lynch:
I’m talking about your ability as a person to do 2 things really well. How well do you as an individual influence outcomes and inspire others? Right? That’s what I’m talking about.

Courtney Lynch, co-author of the book Spark How To Lead Yourself And Others To Greater Success  doesn’t believe that great leaders are necessarily born.

There’s been some really amazing studies one of the best ones is out of The University of Minnesota. A longitudinal study of identical twins where they really looked at that born versus made question. It kind of comes down about 70/30. 30% of our ability to lead is inherited at birth. Things like; our IQ, things like maybe we lean towards extroversion and people tend to think that extroverts are better leaders. Charisma, our ability to influence and inspire though comes from truly our behaviors every day and that’s the extra 70%.

A great test of leadership potential is how you react when things go wrong.

Are you the person that jumps on the blame bandwagon, right? It’s become so socially acceptable to kind of blame someone else or blame a process. Are you the person that can own it, right? Seeking to take responsibility not placing blame – and then gets to what matters most. How are we going to solve it and resolve it? And so it’s really taking a step back and saying, “Is that behavior most productive? What could I be doing better in those circumstances?”

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