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February 3, 2017

Interview with Clifton Leaf, author of the book The Truth In Small Doses.

Mike Carruthers:
We are in a war with cancer. We have been for years and it’s not going particularly well.

Clifton Leaf:
Despite all the progress that we’re making in understanding the disease we really aren’t translating that into speedy treatments for those at an individual level.

Journalist Clifton Leaf, author of the book The Truth In Small Doses...

75% of the drugs, the cancer drugs that we have approved do not actually keep people alive longer according to the FDA. When it comes right down to the bottom line we aren’t reducing the burden of cancer and that’s where the challenge really is.

When you compare the year-to-year rate of change in cancer deaths to the rate of change in heart disease deaths it’s not even close.

We have each year about 138 thousand fewer deaths from heart disease – we’re older, we’re fatter, and yet fewer of our hearts are breaking down with deadly consequence. And the same could be said for many, many other diseases. But in cancer we keep getting more and more people dying from this disease.

One bright spot in the war against cancer is in early detection.

You know when we catch breast cancer or colorectal cancer early or prostate cancer we are in the 90-100% survival rate. We’ve also made genuine progress in childhood cancers, I mean this is life changing progress in childhood cancers.

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