April 15, 2004:
Why You Should Never Eat Swordfish
Interview with Jane Kirby, Eating Well Magazine

Mike Carruthers:
You may really like a good piece of swordfish for dinner, but really you shouldn't eat it.

Jane Kirby:
It's not a healthy fish, and there are other ones that you can eat.

Jane Kirby registered dietitian, and contributing editor for Eating Well Magazine, which has an article about this in the current issue, says the problem is mercury.

And mercury is a very big problem in fish. The older and the larger the fish are the more mercury they're going to have. If you are a big shark and you're high up on the food supply, you've eaten a lot of fish who have eaten a lot of other fish, who have eaten a lot
of other fish, all of which have mercury in it. So what has been recommended is to avoid fish that is on top of the food supply, namely shark and swordfish.

Another problem with fish is a contaminate called PCB.

It was reported recently that farm raised salmon has quite a few PCB's in it. What we have found out when we analyzed the data was that the science behind that study was not very good. And PCB levels in fish is not as big a concern as the mercury levels.

So what fish is safe to eat?

Pacific cod, flounder is great, halibut, mahi-mahi is a good one, and all of these are very abundant, rich in omega threes and have safe levels of mercury. Tilapia is a good one. Trout is also a good one.

There is a free downloadable chart about fish safety at the Eating Well web site, which you can link to from ours I'm Mike Carruthers and that's Something You Should Know.




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