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December 5, 2016

Interview with Jude Bijou, author of the book Attitude Reconstruction

Mike Carruthers:
Procrastination; why does it seem to be such a universal problem?

Jude Bijou:
Because underneath our procrastination is unexpressed emotions. It could be sadness, anger or fear.

Jude Bijou, author of the book Attitude Reconstruction, says those emotions often come from our own negative self-talk.

Because if you go around going, “Oh I’ll never get this done it’s just too overwhelming”. And instead go, “Well you know if others can do this so can. I’m the best person to really do this project.” If we start thinking thoughts that support us rather than thoughts that sabotage us we will be able to have our own cheerleader.

If you think procrastination is just part of your personality Jude says you might want to ask yourself…

Is it really from a clear space that I put things off? Or is it because I have some kind of emotions about doing it? Do I have some, wondering if I’m going to do it at the level that I really want? Or maybe people will discover I really don’t know what I’m talking about?

The next time you find yourself procrastinating it might help to get clear on what your goal really is.

Because the goal is maybe I want to get those college applications finished. Or I want to start to look for another job. We know in our heart that that’s what we want to do so we’ve got to line up our actions by making them nice and small and doable so that they take us to our goal.

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