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April 11, 2017

Interview with Dr. Daniel Siegel, author of the book Brainstorm

Mike Carruthers:
The adolescent brain is different from the adult brain.

Dr. Daniel Siegel:
If you study how the adult brain can keep itself healthy these 4 features of adolescence; emotional spark, social engagement, novelty and creative expiration are actually the core way you as an adult can keep your brain healthy.

Psychiatrist Daniel Siegel, author of the book Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

For emotional spark that would mean keeping passion alive in your life. Too many adults have let that go and just do the same old, same old and they aren’t passionate about what’s going on. And yet feeling this emotional spark in your life is exactly what not only gives you a feeling of being of alive but it actually keeps your brain young. #2 social engagement I know too many adults who’ve let their friendships go, who’ve let these supportive social networks go. And the #1 thing that produces happiness and longevity and health in your body and your mind, keeps your brain young is supportive relationships.

The 3rd is novelty breaking your routine and doing things in a new way.

And the 4th thing creative expiration you can challenge your brain in really productive ways that help keep your brain growing well and your mind sharp. So this essences of adolescence is exactly what we need in our adulthood to keep ourselves going well.

Dr. Daniel Siegel
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